“I had a sound bath recently given by a wonderful woman called Helen Braithwaite and I found it to be an incredibly potent form of shadow shifting, I experienced sensations and visions and releases of trapped energy that I never thought possible from just one session. The beauty of sound baths is that they completely bypass the rational conscious self, and go deep into the body and mind. It felt to me like a psychic enema, clearing residues of energy that were trapped.”

Geoff Thompson ‘Hunting the Shadow - How to Turn Fear into Massive Success’


“My experiences of sound therapy carried out by Helen is that it promotes healing in a non threatening, inspirational, empowering, safe environment. It enabled me to regain strength, tenacity, promote my voice levels and progress intuitively and physically in my personal development. The sound waves seem to promote a visibility factor in me that was missing previously thus enabling me to reconnect and engage with personally traumatic issues in a safe way. Try it as sound therapy is not to be missed.”

MB, Birmingham


“At first I was sceptical about the possible benefits of a sound bath, but I am so glad I took the plunge that first time. Helen has a way about her which immediately put me at ease and enabled me to relax more during the treatment. Being ‘bathed’ in sound took me into such a deep trance-like state that my sub-conscious didn’t know what hit it. When I came round, the possibilities that had plagued my conscious mind for weeks seemed clearer and the ‘right’ path seemed to be mapped out before me. Subsequent visits have been for physical ailments, and Helen’s focus on the source has had almost miraculous effects each time. If, like I used to do, you harbour some scepticism, I urge you to try this amazing treatment out and see the benefits for yourself.”

NW, Leicestershire



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