sound healing


Sound healing is a non-invasive therapeutic means of creating health and transformation through the use and application of sound waves, frequency, resonance, focus and intent. Sound can be used as a means of healing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual forms - so is beneficial whether it is applied to people, animals, nature, Mother Earth or universal energies.


Sound creates a natural means of communicating health and vitality to the body, mind and spirit, which goes beyond words and the need for conscious cognition of the process. It provides a safe environment and structure, allowing the cells of the human body to realign. Whether we think of our bodies as a mass of moving particles and cells which make up the matter of our physical form, or in terms of its larger component parts e.g.: organs, bones, muscles, ligaments and skin, each aspect of our ‘self’ has its own unique and natural resonance and vibration.


Sound tools, shamanic instruments and/or voice are used during a treatment, bathing the individual in various forms of sound. Any dis-harmony or dis-ease within the mind, body or spirit is encouraged and re-tuned into a healthier more natural energetic state of ease and harmony.


It is believed that the universe is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy, and that OM is considered to be the original creative sound from which the universe has manifested. Therefore sound, has gone before and after each of us - it is at the beginning and end of times.


sound healing






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